Friday, July 23, 2010

Why I Love My Boyfriend, #59715

Last night, listening to Elvis Costello in the car.

Radio: "Alison, I know this world is killing you. / Oh, Alison, my aim is true."

Boyfriend: "That reminds me. We have an episode of Top Shot to watch."

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dave Matthews Band in Camden, 6/30-7/1/10

Last year, both nights of Dave Matthews Band's stand in Camden were amazing. This year, well, the second night was great, but the first was ... kind of a dud. I was bored, then annoyed with the band for boring me, but at least my complete and utter boredom at the show allowed my mind some time to wander. Random thoughts and observations (from that, and the second, less boring night) after the jump.

  • The boyfriend articulated this, but it's what I was thinking, too: how is it that Dave Matthews keeps getting older, but his fans don't?

  • Conspiracy theory: Dave Matthews and Jeremy Piven are actually the same person. Think about it—have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

  • To Rashawn Ross: Loved seeing that you were playing to the hometown crowd in your Phillies cap both nights. But pull that shit up a little higher; you were wearing the hat so low over your eyes that we though maybe Rudy from Fat Albert was standing in. Hey hey hey!

  • Just what, exactly, is Dave Matthews' obsession with monkeys?

  • As long as Jeff Coffin has that horrible goatee, I'm going to call him Scott Ian.

  • Tim Reynolds is cool. He's so cool, that he can make wearing little kids' plastic-framed sun glasses look cool.

  • Jam on an upbeat song=awesome. Jam on a slow song=giant energy sucking vacuum.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Testing ... testing

I miss blogging just for me. Phillyist is fun and all, but sometimes I want to write things that just aren't right for the site, nor are they right for work or school.

So, I'm blowing the dust off this site and I'm going to try being a little more regular in my posts. It's been over a year since the last ... maybe I can get that down to monthly?

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